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CFR Transportation 49 Part 223 Appendix A 1997

USA Code of Federal Regulations 49 (CFR49) Transportation- Part 223- Safety Glazing Standards (Locomotives, Passenger Cars and Cabooses)














This part provides minimum requirements for glazing materials in order to protect railroad employees and railroad passengers from injury as a result of objects striking the windows of locomotives, cabooses and other passenger cars.


The test itself provides for two ratings: FRA Type I and FRA Type II


The two tests both have a two part test.

  • Part one is a Ballistic impact test and both the levels use the same 40gr lead solid projectile at a minimum of 292.6m/s.
  • Part two is the large object impact test. Which requires a cinder (concrete) block of specific size and weight to impact at a minimum velocity of 13.4m/s (FRA Type I) or 3.65m/s (FRA Type II).