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  • Design and manufacture of frames and jigs for testing
  • In house design and manufacture of special projectiles for impact simulations
  • Precision hand reloading of cartridges up to 40 mm .
  • Secure weathering facilities for AS/NZS 2343 and BS 5051 standards
  • NATA Accredited Tests

    • Rockwell hardness tests using B and C scales
    • Ballistic tests of armour plate - steel, wrought, high hardness to MIL-A- 461 00-D(MR)
    • Ballistic tests of armour plate - steel, wrought, homogeneous to MIL-A- 12560-H(MR)
    • Ballistic tests to MIL-Std-662F
    • Body armour NIJ STD 01 01.03
    • Body armour NIJ 01 01.04 (including addendum A and B),
    • Armour panels NIJ STD 01 08.01
    • Body armour PSDB 7/03 A and B
    • Ballistic test NATO STANAG 2920 (Edition 1)
    • Ballistic tests on bullet resistant panels and elements to AS/NZS 2343
    • Ballistic tests on bullet resistant glazing for interior use to BS 5051
    • Ballistic and heavy object impact test on glazing materials to the USA Code of Federal Regulations - Federal Railroad Administration Act: Part 223 Appendix A - b10 (i, ii) and b11 (i)
    • Ballistic tests on security glazing to BS/EN 1063
  • Other Tests

    • AS 3555 Intruder Resistance in Building
    • STANAG 4569 2004 Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicles
    • AEP-55 Volume 1 (Ed.1), 2005 Procedures for Evaluating the Protection Levels of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicles for KE and Artillery Threats


  • Custom designed universal action: up to 40 mm cannon

  • Extensive range of test barrels including SAAMI specification
  • Commercial and military chambering and twist rates
  • The laboratory owns some of the tooling used in the manufacture of certain barrels
  • Cartridge loading tools for all calibres used

  • Government licensed powder magazine
  • Calibrated chronographs and chronograph calibration equipment
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Calibrated thermo hygrometer
  • Calibrated scales and check weights


  • Product Certification
  • Batch Testing for Quality Control

  • Development of Test Regime or Test Standard
  • Chronograph Comparison Check

  • Body armour inspection and report