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STANAG 2920 Edition 1


NATO - Military Agency for Standardization (MAS) Ballistic Test Method for Personal Armour Materials and Combat Clothing

1. Aim

The aim of this agreement is to standardise guidelines for determining the ballistic limit protection BL(P) of body armors, helmets and the materials used in the manufacture of these items. The test results are intended to aid comparison of the degree of ballistic protection provided by the various body armors.

2. Agreement

Participating nations agree to apply the principles contained herin in the testing of personal armors (helmets and body armors) or personal armor materials.

3. General

The agreement is intended to cover testing with small arms bullets or fragment simulating projectiles. It is intended to aid comparison of the ballistic protective merit of armor materials and does not preclude the additional use of more detailed techniques such as Casualty Reduction Analasys or testing at various obliquities which may take into account armor design and other considerations.